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《政府工作报告》通常由工作回顾、工作任务、政府自身建设 、外交和国际形势等部分组成,基本上可以涵盖各方面的大略内容。


2016年政府工作报告英文版学习笔记 (2)

I will now move on to discuss the main work we did last year:

First, we maintained stable growth, made structural adjustments, guarded against risks, and developed new ways of conducting macro regulation.

☆稳增长 maintain stable growth
☆调结构 make structural adjustments
☆防风险 guard against risks
☆宏观调控 conduct macro regulation

In responding to the mounting downward pressure on the economy, we exercised targeted and well-timed regulation on the basis of range-based regulation.

☆应对 In responding to
☆实施 exercise
☆持续加大的 mounting
☆经济下行压力 downward pressure on the economy
☆相机调控 well-timed regulation

We adopted proactive fiscal policy that focused on increasing intensity and efficacy by expanding the scope of structural tax reductions, reducing fees across the board, and putting dormant budgetary funds to good use.

We adopted proactive fiscal policy ····
☆We (做什么事)··· by doing ···and ···(措施)
☆加力增效 increase intensity and efficacy
☆结构性减税 structural tax reductions
☆盘活 put ··· to good use
☆普遍 across the board
☆Efficacy /??f?k?s?/ 功效
例:Recent medical studies confirm the efficacy of a healthier lifestyle. 近来的医学研究证实了更健康的生活方式的功效。

Local government bonds issued to replace outstanding debt reached 3.2 trillion yuan, lessening the interest payment burden of local governments by approximately 200 billion yuan while also reducing their debt repayment pressure.

☆多分句处理:while 替换 and
☆表示···是···的意义时,reach, report, stand at, register 等鲜活有力的动词替换 is/am/are
☆存量债务 outstanding debt
☆偿债压力 debt repayment pressure
☆降低 lessen
☆outstanding 尚未解决的
例:We still have some outstanding issues to resolve before we’ll have a treaty that is ready to sign. 我们在签署这份条约之前还有一些悬而未决的问题要解决。

We pursued prudent monetary policy with an appropriate amount of intensity, making several cuts to interest rates and required reserve ratios, reforming management of the loan-to-deposit ratio, creating new monetary policy tools, and increasing support for the real economy.

☆松紧适度 an appropriate amount of intensity
☆存贷比 the loan-to-deposit ratio

Effective investment increased, special-purpose funds were established, and development was strengthened in areas in need of attention, including water conservancy, rundown urban areas and dilapidated rural housing, and railways and highways in the central and western regions.

☆水利 water conservancy
☆城镇棚户区 rundown urban areas
☆农村危房 dilapidated rural housing
☆铁路和公路 railways and highways
☆Dilapidate [di’læpideit] (如由于使用不当或缺乏保养)使(部分)破损(或破掉、破败、坍毁);使倾坍[常用被动语态]
例:The building had been dilapidated by neglect. 这座大楼因失修而圮毁。

Consumer spending was promoted in key areas, spurring rapid growth in spending on recreational travel, online shopping, and information goods and services.

☆添加逻辑结构关系: spurring,增加英文句子内部联系。
☆旅游 recreational travel

In 2015, we also responded proactively to a variety of risks and challenges in the financial sector, such as unusual fluctuations in the stock market and the foreign exchange market, ensuring that no systemic or regional threats arose, thus safeguarding China’s economic and financial security.

☆thus 引导总结陈述,适用于“措施+结果”类型。
☆积极应对 respond proactively to


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